Toyo Proxes Les Schwab

By | May 15, 2011

Jon Davies
Tires: Toyo Proxes RA1 from Hood River Les Schwab Sponsors: Adrienne, Samantha, & Claire Davies, E & L Auto Parts & Machining, Hood River Mazdaspeed, Smith Sunglasses, Sign Media Nielson Autobody, Odel, OR Northwest Petroleum (Mobil 1)

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Herbeau 1160 Old Silver Les Favorites Towel Rack – 1160 Herbeau LES FAVORITES Towel Rack 116053

Top Right: R1R™.
Vehicles equipped with Toyo Proxes Les Schwab Tire Centers presents an award of appre-ciation to Toyo USA’s Julie Sediq, director of marketing communications, and Bill Schleich,regional sales manager, on behalf of his car club “Sittin’ Pretty” of
toyo lsp code line desc size desc fet hi pwr lug tl r1 ll 11.2-38/4 hi pwr lug tt r1 ll 12.4-38/4 13.6-38/6 14.9-24/4 14.9-26/6 14.9-38/6 proxes 4+ as bw 205/55r-16xl 94v proxes 4 as bw 295/25zr-20 95w 305/25zr-22 99w 275/25zr-24 96w 235/55zr-17 103w 205/50r-16xl

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