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By | February 13, 2009

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Wheel and Tire packages starting as low as $75 PER MONTH. ENDING MONTHLY BALANCE MINIMUM PAYMENT ENDING MONTHLY BALANCE MINIMUM PAYMENT Les Schwab collection volume 23 02 STAGGERED WIDTHS This symbol means the wheel is available in staggered widths.

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MONTHLY BALANCE MINIMUM PAYMENT DUE LES SCHWAB REVOLVING CREDIT PLAN CREDIT IS EASY AT LES SCHWAB! 4 DIFFERENT PLANS AVAILABLE: of the new wheel styles Les Schwab has for 2011. The new Volume 24 Les Schwab Wheel Catalog is available now at all locations. EEL ection 24 e MHT

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Your Les Schwab Sales Representative. Wheel Care Keeping your wheels clean is a vital part of the life of the wheel. As time goes on, 1/3 OF BALANCE * Revolving Account Payment Schedule ENDING MONTHLY BALANCE MINIMUM PAYMENT. 3 4 page page Passenger Car applications

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Wheel Balancing Jeff Similar results should be anticipated wherever lead weights are used to balance motor vehicle wheels. An Bridgestone $2,600 Sears $2,200 Discount Tire $1,495 Wal-Mart/Sam's $1,200 Les Schwab $1,053 TBC $875 Goodyear $800 Pep Boys $790 Canadian Tire $ 265

Wheel Balance, computer spin balance (cost per tire) 8. Wheel Balance/Valve Stem Combo (cost per tire) 9. Alignment Services *** No Charge on tires purchased from Les Schwab Tire Centers $7.00 *** $95.00/Hour $100.00/Hour Solideal Titan Hankook Pirelli Varies by size Varies by type $24.00 $27.75 $31.25 $10.25

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From servicing balance and non-balance related wheel vibration. Hunter’s growing line of Class-8 service equipment includes: Wheel alignment systems Tire changers Wheel balancers Les Schwab Training Manager Al Dallas and Assistant

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2011, lead wheel weights may not be used to balance tires in Washington State (RCW 70.270). You must use non-lead wheel weights. Les Schwab Tire Centers to Phase-Out Lead Wheel Weights . Title: Lead-Free Wheel Weights Author: Karen Hamilton Subject:

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WHEEL CARE Keeping your wheels clean is a vital part of the life of the wheel. As come to your local Les Schwab Tire store or check $0.01 – $10.00 ..BALANCE $10.01 – $50.00 ..$10.00 $50.01 – $100.00 ..$15.00 $100

Les Schwab Tires in Antelope promises a free 4-wheel alignment and 4-wheel tire balance. Infineon Raceway has donated two (2) tickets to their Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival in June 2011. And of course, a couple of dozen more companies and individuals have

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Les Schwab Distributor Training From left: Les Schwab/Midway Equipment Outside Sales Manager Rick Martin; Hunter Portland Regional Manager David Newton; Les Schwab/ the Tune-In to balance the wheel. Weights were then placed where

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190 Firestone Lube/Oil/Filter, Wipers, Balance, Rotate & Full Inspection Mill Creek Location Donor Value: $200.00 195 Inglewood Auto Repair Lube/Oil/Filter 332 4 Wheel Alignment from Les Schwab Mill Creek Only Donor Value: $81.00 365 Car Detail by Tyson Walker

Lead-Free Wheel Weights
Lead weights have typically been used to balance wheels on vehicles. Lead Free Wheel Weight suppliers – Ecology Center Firestone Racing Announces Switch to 3M Wheel Weight System – Non-lead wheel weights reduce environmental impact . Les Schwab Tire Centers to Phase-Out Lead Wheel Weights

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