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By | January 9, 2011

proxes 4+ as bw 205/55r-16xl 94v proxes 4 as bw 295/25zr-20 95w 305/25zr-22 99w 275/25zr-24 96w 235/55zr-17 103w 205/50r-16xl 91v 215/50zr-17xl 95w 225/50zr-17xl 98w 235/50zr-17xl w 245/50zr-19xl w 225/45zr-19xl 96w 245/45zr-19xl y 255/45zr-19xl w

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The Proxes ST II is a premium high-performance tire for SUVs, sport trucks and select crossovers. It is available in a broad range of OE and plus fitment sizes. THE LES SCHWAB WARRANTY At Les Schwab, we re proud of our FREE Warranty.

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PROXES 4 PERFORMANCE CAR TIRE >@F?E:?8 2:C 4964<D C@E2E:@?D “At Les Schwab, we’re proud of our FREE Warranty. It’s a tremendous value from the fi les of The Owyhee Avalanche and Owyhee Chronicle

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Herbeau 1160 Old Silver Les Favorites Towel Rack – 1160 http://www.amazon.com/Herbeau-1160-Silver-Favorites-Towel/dp/B003WQFXL0/ref=sr_1_18?s=hardware&ie=UTF8&qid=1291259358&sr=1-18 Herbeau LES FAVORITES Towel Rack 116053

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Les Schwab Wheel Catalog is available now at all locations. EEL ection 24 e MHT DUB VIPER TSW CARTHAGE BLACK ULTRA CLOAK BLACK KMC XD MISFIT MHT FUEL HOSTAGE CHROME KMC 673 CHROME MKW M81 CHROME ENKEI AMMODO MHT TS CA B K MC XD HO CH K MCC 673 M C ENN K EI NEW FOR 1! PROXES ST II free.06/5*/(t"*3$)&$,4t305"5*0/4 30

Top Right: R1R™.
Vehicles equipped with Toyo Proxes Les Schwab Tire Centers presents an award of appre-ciation to Toyo USA’s Julie Sediq, director of marketing communications, and Bill Schleich,regional sales manager, on behalf of his car club “Sittin’ Pretty” of

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Tires: Toyo Proxes RA1 from Hood River Les Schwab Sponsors: Adrienne, Samantha, & Claire Davies, E & L Auto Parts & Machining, Hood River Mazdaspeed, Smith Sunglasses, Sign Media Nielson Autobody, Odel, OR Northwest Petroleum (Mobil 1)

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