Les Schwab Hogle Zoo

By | December 10, 2008

New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company
Zoo Building, elephant heads (2) B.P.O.E. building B.P.O.E. building, portico B.P.O.E. Temple B.P.O.E. Temple No. 11 Hogle & Davis Norcross Brothers Merideth, H.V. chimney caps, residences Stevens & Lee and Kenneth G. Rea Royal Victoria Hospital Pine Avenue

New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company
Schwab Co. Church St. & Boulevard $28,000.00 bid Loveman, J. Peabody College for Teachers Peabody College no ESD; missing documents revised ESD & LEs, polychrom Johnson, J.C. and James B. Urquhart Assoc. Boyne, T.A. Lafaye, George E. Lorwick & Lowrance Overland Columbus Co.

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