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By | March 7, 2014

Not even the best marketing or the best deal can make up for poor customer service during the sales process. Heres an example. Last fall, I needed to purchase new tires for my car so I made an appointment online at a local discount tire retailer. I was enticed by the sale. After receiving a call that the tires I requested were not in stock, I was assured by the sales rep that I would be contacted once they were ordered and ready to be installed. Fast forward to six months later and still no call. Not only did this discount tire company lose out on a sale, they lost me as a customer for life.

When you need to get new tires for your truck, you may balk at the cost. Yes, new tires can be very expensive. These days, we need to cut costs on everything. Yet, you cant run the risk of continuing to use your damaged tires. You have to get new tires for your own safety on the road. Your next option is to look for cheap tires and this will point you toward used truck tires. Indeed, used truck tires cost less and they can be bought in Tampa FL.

Improper tire inflation can be very dangerous, whether you are driving with new car tires or used truck tires in Tampa FL. It can cause a tire blowout. A single tire blowout in a vehicle often causes tire failure in the other tires, as well. They are either punctured by debris or they overheat due to the sudden uneven distribution of the load.

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Each Discount Tire Co./America’s Tire Co. (“Discount”) store has a retail show room area with a sales counter and also an area with tires and wheels on display. There is a substantial portion of the

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