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By | June 20, 2010

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During or after a snow or ice storm. gel . Defensive Winter Driving Tips — 1. Avoid sitting in one spot and spinning your tires. This only heats up the tires and digs you in deeper. the best possible option is a car with all wheel drive,

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Passenger car tires (“P” type) come in only one load range, known as “Standard best load rating application for your vehicle and its environment. in mud and snow. While dry highway traction is good, wet highway traction

PASSENGER CAR TIRES BEST TIRE VALUE PROMISE Free Peace of Mind Tire Protection Free Lifetime Tire & Mileage Care MUD & SNOW RATED GREAT BUY! Your size in stock, call for size & price TREAD DESIGN MAY VARY STARTING AT & * ** 185/65HR-14 LOW COST RADIALS

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For best control in slippery and snow conditions. and Serious Accidents Studies show 62% of vehicles involved in fatal and serious accidents in Quebec were equipped with snow tires; 2008 for all passenger vehicles to have winter tires on all four wheel positions for vehicles in

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There may be one bid for new equipment tires and tubes, one bid for passenger car and pickup all 1400R24 12 ply (minimum) Snow Type Non Directional Grader Tires 20.5X25 L5 Loader Tires 23.5X25 L5 learned in the past it would appear the best cost alternative to deal with the

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Grade C is minimum for a passenger car under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety past rain and snow without changing tires. These tires are M&S (mud & snow) rated, traction can rival the best all-season tires today. These tires also have an incredible tread life.

SPRINTER PASSENGER VAN Best performance in snow is obtained with winter tires. m+S tires mounting rails for roof racks Reversing warning system POWERTRAIN SPECIFICATIONS BlueTEC SCR Diesel engine with AdBlue® 5 EPA / CARB 2010 Compliant

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First, these standards apply to regular, everyday tires for passenger cars. Snow tires, as well as that temporary spare you may have gotten with your car, and any kind of deep tread tires are If you can't do this, put the best tires on the back.

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