Auto Tires Reviews

By | March 5, 2014

Cyclocross tires are used in Cyclocross bicycles which are designed for the rigors of racing. They roughly resemble the racing bicycles used in road racing, but the major difference is the frame geometry. They have an aluminum frame with carbon fiber. Cyclocross bicycles have a wider clearance and thus the Cyclocross tires are larger than normal bike tires. They are light weight, yet stiff and durable.

There are essentially two types of tyre for bicycles, well-known in different mountain bike tires reviews as ‘clincher’ and ‘tubular’. We’ll get the tubular ones out of the way firstly because materially you won’t come across them often. Tubular tires don’t have beads around the edge but are instead sewn together around an interior part of tube. You can’t use a tubular tyre on just any old rim, you must use a special one and the tyre is held onto the edge using glue. Several riders consider tubulars to have some advantage over clinchers, such as lighter weight, more comfort and better grasp but present-day technology has seen the clincher tyre catch up.

With an EZ-GO cart this can transport you to the next hole with ease in a golf course. You would not need to walk all the way through the course but instead focus your energy on the game instead. The game would be more enjoyable and relaxing to play when you have the convenience of riding to the nest hole. The golf cart is truly a very good vehicle to have in a golf course.

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