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By | March 3, 2014


Numerous studies show that 1 out of 4 consumer credit reports contain errors that will result in the consumer being declined for credit. While this is a serious fact, what is more serious is what REALLY happens when these consumers actually dispute these errors on their report with the Credit Bureaus. Many “Consumer Protection” and “Consumer Rights” groups try to make consumers feel confident by explaining that any errors on their credit report have to be…”Investigated” by the credit bureaus and… any information which the bureaus are UNABLE to verify within 30 days, must be DELETED from the consumers report. All that is required to make this happen is the consumer must mail a letter (or go online) in order to “initiate” the investigation process. Sounds great… because you’ve probably heard it before. When most Americans hear the word…”INVESTIGATION” in regards to an item on their credit report they’re challenging, they usually picture some variation of the following three step process:

The protective playground surface is the most frequently overlooked component of home playground safety. While approximately 80% of public playgrounds have some type of shock-absorbing protective surfacing under playground equipment, only 9% of home backyard playgrounds do, according to a 2001 playground injury study performed by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). The study found that, of the approximately 50,000 injuries per year associated with home backyard playground equipment, 69% of the injuries were a result of falls to a non-protective surface below the equipment.

As you might know already the Asian market is continually growing both in size and importance. As a result there is recognition by some brands that they need to have a focused approach to this huge geographical area. FUJI Bikes In Japan certainly understand this and have designers who specifically understand those needs and are seeking to turns those needs into actual bikes. As a result they are being very innovative in their designs of different bikes in the Fuji road bike line. Some are unique to Japan while others have been so successful that they are available worldwide.

For New Cars Sticker Price = suggested retail price Includes base price + accessories Invoice Price = dealers cost Consumer Reports: Car buying services = auto broker Car registration ,and taxes Variable Costs Gas and oil Tires Maintenance and repairs Parking and tolls

Modeled after the one done by Consumer Reports (CR). Reference the Annual Auto Issue of Consumer Reports (April, 2003) for complete details on how records for models that are up to eight years old, the ’93 model year is off the radar screen and we cannot compare our data with that of

• Shop online to compare prices & save gas —many sites offer free shipping • Before you renew your auto & homeowners insurance, get quotes from other companies—visit your state’s insurance website for more information Making sure your tires are inflated to the proper tire

2010 to January 29). Reports placed the costs of the recalls at $2 billion, a gure that excludes the damage to compare the evolving reputations of American and Japanese manufacturers when the consumer lobbyist group the Center for Auto Safety claimed that the vehicle had

Auto Leasing 1. Don’t decide to lease a car just because the keeping your engine tuned and your tires inflated to their proper pressure. 1. Consult Consumer Reports, available in most public libraries, for information about

Consumer Action Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Consumer Federation of America Consumer Federation of California National Consumer Law Center1

For the national study this Consumer Profile was drawn from, market reports measuring buyer actions, thought processes and loyalty. GO FOR AUTO SERVICE? Independent Garage 24% Other 8% Car Dealer 21% Tire Retailer 21% Quick Lube 13%

More information from Research Report on Europe Tire Industry – 2011-2012 comprehensive statistics of production and consumption consumer markets of automobile and tire – auto manufacturing enterprises

You can thank Consumer Reports. The magazine and its publisher, Consumers Union, and auto test facility that produce the Consumer Reports product ratings. A ances, electronics, and tires, among other things. Nevertheless, says Pittle, “we find

2 . Check with . Consumer Reports Best and Worst Car list. to narrow your choices. Inspect the condition of the body, paint, trim, and tires. Check windows for broken

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