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By | March 1, 2014

More likely to produce airborne particles than the older bias ply tires. Mr. Portnoy, who is collaborating with Mr. Williams on additional research, added tire fragment

FREE Rotation & Balance for the Best Auto & Tire Center Life of the Tire with Purchase of 4 New Tires Coupon is required at time of purchase. Best Auto & Tire Center

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When selecting a tire, most people look at factors such as cost, available selection, brand reputation and appearance. One of the brands available is Wanli Tires. The company has been doing business for many years, and manufactures low cost dependable automotive tires. They have a good track record, and should be considered when choosing new tires.

tires of all types, from bicycle to space shuttle. Known for Michelin, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal brand tires in America. • 800 Sears Auto Centers • 250 National Tire & Battery locations GNX CUSTOMER CASE STUDY Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Michelin

Four select Goodyear tires.* when you purchase a set of by Mail-In Rebate Get up to $50 To receive your Rebate Check by mail, please follow these simple steps: Name: Address: City: State: ZIP: SEARS_NPP2. Title: online.indd Author: a374423

Combined Sears’ Auto Centers and warehouses (combines lists 12 and 15). Combinations other Retail Replenishment Centers (Retail Stock and Cross-dock; and Tires) Location Relationships lists do not contain any address information.

If your vehicle requires six tires, rebates are available on a prorated basis for the two additional tires. The prorated rebate amount, per additional tire, is 25% of the rebate amount listed Offers available only at participating Sears Auto Centers.

Brand tires. Sears Holdings Corp. has 817 Sears Auto Centers. They sell Michelin, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Gen- Complete Auto Care (1,481), Tires Plus (422), Expert Tire (98) and Wheel Works (46). It also operates 143 GCR commer-cial tire centers.

Auto Tires Coast Tire & Auto Service 283 Connell Street Woodstock, NB E7M 1L3 (506)325‐4030 Fax: (506)325‐4051 Email:

Aged Tires: A Hidden Danger on the Road? This tire is more than seven years old. It was made in the 13th week of 2001. According to experts like Sean Kane, who runs a private auto safety research firm, tires older than

STRENGTHS One of the largest manufacturing capacity in India. Wide product range for bicycle tires. In-house Mould designing unit. In-house Research and Development.

tires are a minor portion of the California solid waste stream, but represent a major disposal problem. Synpro anticipates using auto shredder fluff as an additional feedstock in planned 96 TPD plants. Synpro plans to use another

Bridgestone Firestone Announces Tire Recall Voluntary field action related to tires with no reported property damage claims, accidents or injuries

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